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I am:

- a fangirl

- a slasher (m/m and f/f) who also reads and writes gen and het

- multifannish (generally)

- guilty of having nicked my username from the heroine of Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey

I started out in Harry Potter fandom, which was my main fandom for many years. In February 2013 I fell into Les Misérables fandom head over heels, and haven't looked back since. I love Jean Valjean so much it's probably unhealthy.

I write fanfiction because it is fun, but I always like getting better at what I do, which means that feedback/constructive criticism is welcome. Feel free to comment on whatever I post.

About friending: I friend everyone who friends me, as long as there has been at least a minimum of interaction. If you friend me and you'd like to be friended back, just tell me so. I'm generally a nice person, and I'd be glad to make your acquaintance.:-)

Interests (115):

18th century, 19th century, albus dumbledore, ancient rome, angst, anti-racism, art, arthur rimbaud, astrid lindgren, beer, being lazy, bisexuality, books, chansons de geste, class struggle, coffee, crime and punishment, cultural diversity, dark wizards, david lynch, detectives, dialects, drama, dumbledore/grindelwald, earthsea, edgar allan poe, edmund/caspian, emily brontë, environmentalism, etymology, fanfiction, feminism, femmeslash, french grammar, frida kahlo, gellert grindelwald, good omens, greek mythology, harry potter, heathcliff/catherine, henrik ibsen, het, historical fiction, holmes/watson, homer, horror movies, indie rock, ireland, jane austen, jean valjean, kalevala, keeping up appearances, language preservation, languages, latin, les miserables, linguistics, litslash, little britain, lord of the rings, lucy pevensie, male/female friendship, maurice, maurice/alec, middle ages, monty python, morphology, mountains, movies, museums, music, mystery, narnia, norse mythology, norway, nynorsk, pedro almodóvar, politics, queer history, rain, random interests, remus lupin, remus/sirius, rimbaud/verlaine, roland/oliver, romance, same-sex love, sarah waters, scary stuff, shakespeare, sherlock holmes, silly humour, simone de beauvoir, sirius black, skiing, slash, snow, socialism, sociolinguistics, steven saylor, swimming, syntax, tea, the ocean, travelling, twin peaks, valjean/javert, victorian era, vikings, villains, vintage clothing, voltaire, wallace and gromit, wine, writing
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